Saturday, August 18, 2007

Greeting Cards and Note Cards from

After creating my first batch of greeting cards and note cards for sale through, I decided to order a few to check out the quality first hand. I am pleased to report that the weight of their paper stock and envelopes is excellent. I'd go as far to say that their cards are of higher quality than most you would buy in the store.

Each greeting card comes with a nice white envelope and very simply includes "Printed by" on the back. To date I have chosen not to include any markings on the inside, so all are blank. When ordering, I'll recommend you opt for the glossy surface. It's not too glossy, though I can't speak to the matte finish since I haven't ordered any of those yet.

I ordered a variety of cards at once and all nine of the greeting cards came in a nice plastic case that can be reused with your other stationary and store-bought cards. You can see in the image below that the note cards came in their own separate case, which is nice since my plan is to give these as a gift.

You can't beat the print on demand market if you can wait a week to stock up on some very unique greeting cards.

Watch my CafePress gallery shop for more items in the coming weeks. I'm experimenting with t-shirts as I perfect my skill of making transparent backgrounds with Photoshop using my original images.

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