Sunday, July 8, 2007

Restaurant art display in August

A friend turned me on to a call for artists at Utopia Cafe in SE Portland. I stopped by on the way to work one morning and left my card. The owner called last week and I'm on their schedule to hang my artwork up throughout the cafe in early August.

My partner and I went there for brunch today so I could survey of the available space. I had been there in the past, but it had been a while. They are very popular on weekends but we arrived after noon, and while they were still very full, we got seated promptly.

Once the six pieces come down from the art wall at Starbucks later this week and I finished up two larger pieces in progress, I'll still need to complete a few more to have enough for the space. I'm going to see about including some of the smaller tile trays and miniature canvas pieces on easels. This is a great opportunity and more than enough motivation for me to spend more time "doing art."

P.S. We also visited my friends Tony and Randy to take lots of photos of plants and flowers in their yard. Their front yard is one of many to be showcased in Metro's Gardens of Natural Delights tour next Sunday. It may not be too late to register, so check it out!

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