Sunday, May 20, 2007

Art to show at coffee shop

A coffee shop near Portland State University will be displaying a wall of my artwork this June 15th. I haven't picked out the exact pieces but showed the manager several and got the specifics I'll need to prepare to hang my work next month. I expect to show about six of my 12" x 12" canvas art pieces along with tags and a short bio. These items will also be up for sale.

This showing will be my first since I picked back up my interests in arts and crafts while looking to bridge my newer interest of digital photography and experience with computers, design, and graphic arts. This will be the little push I need to finish up a redesign of the website hosting my art gallery and a main menu that will link all of the online interfaces.

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mikepdx said...

So, the contract says I can't advertise. Just know the location is at a coffee shop on the ground floor at Ione Plaze. :)