Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Pink Flamingo!

Come visit my CafePress shop and check out the items you can get featuring this pink flamingo. I'm not sure which exact mold this bird came from and who to give credit for the design, but I took the photo and cleaned it up for this presentation. Notice the eyelashes. Love it!

Here's a greeting card of the original photo on which the above design is based:


Lawn Greetings said...

Ummm, the original creator is Don Featherstone. Check it out...

Nice work!! :)

shane said...

Awesome creations man, I have been fascinated with the Photo on canvas recently and anything that I feel like would suit best in the said form appeals to me straightaway. The picture of this bird for instance would make a beautiful collection and I feel you must have done this after thinking the way I am.