Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Commissioned canvas art piece

Things have been off lately with the loss of a friend a few weeks back, but I'm getting back to my artwork and projects again.

A couple I know asked me to put together their portrait on canvas a while back. We took photos on a sunny weekend day at our neighborhood parks which resulted in several good shots. I would normally print my own photos to canvas but they wanted something larger than 13" so I did some research to find a good printing service in the area.

I sent a test job to http://www.largeformatposters.com/, setup a site for my images with Finerworks.com, but settled on sending this job to Imagekind.com. Each service has something good to offer depending on the size, finish, wrap, and framing options available.

I went with a 16" x 16" standard wrap canvas print. I liked that Imagekind did the stretching of the canvas for me and didn't staple on the sides but rather on the back. I plan to paint the sides black similar to my other works, and then finish it off with a matte finish acrylic varnish for some extra protection. Their stretching job was excellent and I was very pleased with the hanging hardware and quality of their shipping. It also turns out, at least from what I can tell, that the work was done right here in Portland. So, even though they are a Seattle based company it appears that I am supporting local workers which makes me feel better about my choice.

Once this job is finished, I'm excited to try some of my high resolution botanical images at 16" x 16".

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