Sunday, December 16, 2007

A few more tile projects finished up!

Here are several ceramic tile projects that I've finished up as of yesterday. The tiles had been set a couple weeks ago, but the messy job of grouting had to be completed.

The Hawaiian images for the coaster set and tray were commissioned by a friend as gift items.

The magazine holder was my first experiment with creating a two-tile mosaic where the tiles were sized to be set next to each other without grout lines breaking up the image. Each side is the same agave plant from the yard of my friends Tony & Randy.

Finally, the blue euphorbia was my first six-tile mosaic that was spaced with the grout lines in mind. This one turned out well though the image quality isn't super sharp. Still, I'm pleased with it and may just keep this one for myself rather than trying to sell it with the others on Etsy.

All of these tiles are available for purchase from my CafePress gallery shop.

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