Saturday, February 17, 2007

Projects using one or more ceramic tiles

While you can order my printed ceramic tiles directly from CafePress mounted in either a nice wooden frame or hinged box, you might consider ordering the tiles alone and mounting them to other products of your choosing. Consider some of the following items that are designed for 4-1/4" tiles:

A letter box, cork board, key box, shelf, trivet, 2-tile tray, or frame. The base for a wire basket, a magazine box (six tile mosaic here!), a metal trivet/frame, a napkin holder (kinda tacky) or a rack to simply hold your tiles for use as coasters.

Many suppliers offer the wood products in alderwood, rosewood, and black. Some are available unfinished so you can stain or paint them as you like.

Here is a list of suppliers I have located on the Internet who offer reasonable prices and carry the items pictured above. Just make sure you purchase products that will work with 4.25" tiles as other sizes might be available.

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mikepdx said...

I placed a large order for tile frames at and was very pleased with the transaction and product.